Efficiency and productivity

Maintenance plays a major role in efficiency, productivity, and safety of a company.  Having reliable scheduling and documentation of maintenance is not only good idea but also a necessity for a company’s productivity. And while certain government standards require that maintenance programs be implemented for certain types of equipment, we can help you control and achieve the following types of maintenance:

– Preventative Maintenance: Allows you to establish equipment maintenance schedules based on any combination of time, usage, or through parameters received that they have been performed (air filter vacuum, oil pressure, etc.). This allows you to be sure that equipment has received the maintenance it needs before putting to work on a job
– Corrective Maintenance: Allows you to detect recurring failures and quality control, allowing you to establish equipment maintenance schedules based on your technicians and skills of your operators.
– Predictive Maintenance: Processed by algorithms that consider historical parameters, the number and type of alarms sent, and the history of the Preventative Maintenance; BTSam will provide you with information to prevent unexpected equipment failures. The key is to obtain the right information at the right time in order to have unplanned stops, transformed to fewer and shorter planned stops, thus increasing plant availability.

Another advantage is it increases your equipment’s’ lifetime, increasing your plant safety and optimizing spare parts handling.